Our Story

    Never under estimate the power of a story….


    The Blend is a company that almost never was…
    it’s two principals met when Tim interviewed for a job
    at the hospital where Kathilee was on the panel
    of interviewers. She voted against Tim.
    Lucky for everyone – Kathilee lost the vote,
    Tim got the job, and the rest is the stuff of fairy tales.
    Someday they may tell you the whole story but for now…

    Owners, Kathilee & Tim, fell in love, blended their family,
    combined their professional expertise and harnessed
    their passions to create the Blend.

    Our media company uses story to translate knowledge,
    foster connections and spark engagement to change
    the trajectory of lives.


    Believing that you can change the world is
    the first step towards making a difference.


    Uniquely Qualified


    Writing, producing, directing for television and educational clients has garnered Kathilee
    over 50 international awards.



    Programs broadcast around the world on networks specializing in childrens, health and education are recognized for their high production value, creative approach and effective messaging.



    As a visual artist Tim understands how to paint with light. On a personal level Tim’s years as a medical photographer/videographer and newspaper photographer has honed his ability to make our subjects feel comfortable and confident in front of his lens.


    “What a wonderful end product we received which has already received many positive compliments.”
    Frances Abela-Dimech, RN
    Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, CAMH

    “It was my pleasure to work with you two and the whole crew this past week.
    You have a very special way with children and the folks of the early childhood world.”
    Carolyn Parkes, Seeds of Empathy

    “The video was very effective in clearly communicating the importance of the study.
    It also effectively addressed important teacher concerns about confidentiality
    and how much administrative work would be involved for them. You did a great job.”
    Laura Duncan, Ontario Child Health Study, OCHS/SMHS

    Our Services

    Media Production

    The Blend creates media content. We tell stories designed to inform, influence behaviour and inspire. We use whatever form best meets the need; image, video, digital or print. Our content has won numerous international awards, and our systems, personal style and professionalism has kept clients coming back again and again.

    Consulting Services

    The Blend offers consulting services in branding, marketing, education, communication or strategic. We collaborate with you to help develop ideas or enhance your objectives. We also connect organizations or individuals whose goals intersect, blending messages for maximum impact. Our consultation can be a collaboration, a partnership or a straight up service.

    Educational Services

    At the Blend we believe that education
    is a powerful tool for change. Great education reaches the mind and the heart and the Blend uses story to create media that does just that. We create media resources with and for those who educate and we teach too. Kathilee is a part time College faculty member, a guest lecturer and a conference presenter.


    The Latest

    Take a moment to view one of our most recent productions.
    We update often so we are looking forward to seeing you again.
    Check back soon!

    During these difficult time we are working with organizations to help get important messages to the right audience.

    Why We Do It

    At it’s heart the Blend is based on the belief that we can accomplish greater things together than we can on our own. By combining our strengths, with the knowledge of our clients and partners, and the talents of our team, what we create can help to change the world.

    “The ones who are crazy enough to think they
    can change the world are the ones who do.”
    Steve Jobs

    There is power in art, the application of creative skill and imagination. There is power in story. Scientists explain that our species is literally hard wired for storytelling. We seek experiences that spark our imaginations and kindle the spirit. Stories are the pathway in and digital technology has created universal access.

    Great innovators understand that the real potential for transformation lies in the way that ideas are shared. Silos don’t create change connections do.

    Samples Of Our Work


    One in a series of short videos to demonstrate games to play with children created by experts in child development.


    A Community Health Centre’s information and fundraising video.

    Dr. Jean Clinton

    A video series where Dr. Clinton speaks about specific topics regarding babies, toddlers and teens.


    A short video for a Fundraising Campaign for the new Special Care Nursery.

    Ontario Child Health Study and School Mental Health Study

    A public service announcement was part of a promotional campaign the Blend consulted on with a consortium of health organizations and Statistics Canada. The project included strategy, communication plan, editorial work, web consultation, radio spots, social media consultation and five videos.

    CurioCity Hair

    Let’s Talk Science is a non-profit science advocacy organization that wanted to create a vehicle that teachers could use to stimulate conversation around the importance of staying in high school science. A series of videos humorously brought to life the disastrous consequences of dropping high school science for a puppet called Flash.

    Milton Ethel Harris Research Institute

    MEHRI was created as a cutting-edge cognitive and social neuroscience centre and preliminary results showed promising effects. Stuart Shanker asked the Blend to create a video that could be used to help potential investors understand the potential value and impact of the study.

    Student Achievment Awards 2019

    Every year the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation awards students for writing and creative arts. This is one of the winning profiles.


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